Welcome to the Panhandle Chapter of TSPE!

The Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) is a state society of the National Society of Professional Engineers. TSPE was founded in 1936 to serve the interests of the individual engineer in Texas across all branches of engineering. Composed of 25 local chapters and eight student chapters, TSPE is the only active, established organization devoting its entire effort to the professional, ethical, economic, social and political aspects of engineering in Texas.  The Panhandle Chapter of TSPE is located in Region I.

Our mission is to promote the ethical, competent and licensed practice of engineering, and to enhance the professional, social and economic well being of our members through networking opportunities, political action at the state and local levels, and student outreach.


2/15/2021   Banquet scheduled for Friday, 2/26/2021. See thEweek Banquet page.
8/25/2020   Registration now open for the Second Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament at Tascosa Golf Club.
                   2020-2021 Officer elections completed. See Officers for results.
3/13/2020   Second Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament at Tascosa Golf Club set for October 16th, 2020.
1/8/2020     Mathcounts, EOY/YEOY, and Banquet information updated for 2020. Event dates updated on the "Events" page.

In all engineering disciplines, the professional engineer, (PE) license is one of the most important credentials an engineer can obtain.  Since the path to licensure ideally begins in the final year of college, TSPE created a video explaining why you should start planning for licensure now and what steps are required to become a PE.  This is a great video if you are a soon to be graduate of an engineering discipline, already an EIT, or just want to enjoy a short video about the importance of being a PE.  Please feel free to share the video and enjoy! 

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